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Novotel X Calm partnership.

Novotel X Calm

Experience Ultimate Relaxation with a Free 60-Day Trial

Discover a new level of relaxation with the exclusive Novotel X Calm partnership. As a valued guest of Novotel, you are invited to enjoy a complimentary 60-day trial of the Calm app, the leading app for meditation, sleep, and relaxation. This special offer is designed to enhance your stay, providing you with tools to unwind, destress, and enjoy a peaceful night's sleep.

Calm offers a variety of features, including guided meditations, soothing sleep stories, and calming music, all curated to help you find tranquility during your travels. Whether you need to relax after a long day of exploring or want to start your morning with mindfulness, Calm has something for everyone.

To access your free trial, simply stay at any participating Novotel hotel and scan the QR code. This exclusive offer is our way of ensuring you have a restful and rejuvenating experience while staying with us.

Experience ultimate relaxation with Novotel X Calm. Book your stay at Novotel today and enjoy a complimentary 60-day trial of the Calm app.