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Harbourside Redevelopment

Darling Harbour's New Era: The Harbourside Transformation

In the heart of Sydney, Darling Harbour is embarking on an ambitious journey of transformation. The Harbourside Shopping Centre, once a bustling hub for shopping and leisure, is undergoing a comprehensive redevelopment under the care of building giants, Mirvac. By 2027, it is set to emerge as a modern, eco-conscious destination, heralding a new era of urban living and retail in Sydney's CBD. The Harbourside Redevelopment is going ahead with very minimal impact to Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour. To read about working hours, our noise and vibration plan as well as the timeline - CLICK HERE.

Sustainable Luxury Redefined

The future of Harbourside is bright, with plans to become a beacon of sustainable architecture. Featuring lush rooftop gardens and the latest in energy-saving technology, this redevelopment is striving for excellence with high Green Star and Nabers ratings. It represents Sydney's dedication to blending environmental responsibility with the luxury of modern living.

Creating a Vibrant Community Space

Spanning an impressive 87,000 m², the new Harbourside will offer a dynamic mix of residential, retail, and commercial spaces. Imagine living in one of the 300 upscale apartments, exploring 45,000 m² of retail space filled with renowned brands, or working in 26,800 m² of office space designed to foster creativity and productivity. This redevelopment is more than just a construction project; it's the foundation of a thriving community.

Revitalizing Public Spaces

At the forefront of the Harbourside redevelopment is a commitment to enhancing public spaces. An expansive 10,200 m² area has been designated for public enjoyment, promising to become a cherished gathering place within Darling Harbour. Plans include the creation of new pedestrian pathways and sustainable rooftop gardens, all designed with the community's well-being in mind.

Minimizing Disruption, Maximizing Enjoyment

Mindful of maintaining the lively ambiance that Darling Harbour is known for, the redevelopment project is taking careful steps to minimize construction-related disruptions. Measures to control noise and dust, along with thoughtful scheduling of work, are in place to ensure that Darling Harbour remains a welcoming destination for all, even as it undergoes this significant transformation.

Envisioning the Future of Darling Harbour

As we look towards the completion of this groundbreaking project in 2027, we're invited to imagine a future where luxury living, cutting-edge retail, and sustainable design converge. This isn't merely a redevelopment; it's a reimagining of Darling Harbour's identity and purpose.

Stay Updated on the Transformation

This transformative project, including the Darling Harbour and Cockle Bay Wharf redevelopments, promises to introduce new public open spaces and a waterfront promenade that will seamlessly blend into Sydney's city centre. Supported by the NSW government, this state significant development is set to include a residential tower that will stand as a landmark of modern living.

As the Harbourside precinct evolves, it is poised to become a world-class destination that redefines the Darling Harbour waterfront, enriching Sydney's public domain. This development is not just about constructing buildings; it's about creating spaces that resonate with the heart of Sydney, offering world-class amenities and public open spaces that everyone can enjoy.

Join the Journey

We stand on the brink of witnessing a transformation that will reshape Sydney's skyline and introduce a new chapter of waterfront living and shopping at Darling Harbour. This is a unique opportunity to be part of a historic moment in Sydney's evolution, as we reimagine the Darling Harbour experience for generations to come.