June 01, 2019

Vivid Sydney 2019 - Light, Music and Ideas

Vivid Sydney 2019 has hit Darling Harbour and this year brings with it a space-age reboot with Light, Music and Ideas to entertain and inspire visitors of all ages and abilities. Activate a brighter future where sentient robots help us regenerate the Earth and make life on other planets of our galaxy possible.

Around Cockle Bay, mind-boggling electro-automotive super-bots have been sent to sow the seeds of a greener tomorrow. Epic in scale, the light and sound spectacle Robot SPACELand is built around a central 16m high unit, the Ecobot. After creating itself from crushed cars, it continues its endless duties crushing cars and extruding the building blocks of a new society.

Vivid Sydney’s inclusive play space Tumbalong Lights is back with the support of Access & Inclusion Partner Cushman & Wakefield. Inspired by the next frontier, playSPACE brings together super-scale installations that give intrepid explorers an opportunity to walk Under the Milky Way, play with SpaceBalls, interact with an Alien Visitor, share different perspectives with See What I See and travel To the Moon and Back in a wheelchair moon buggy. Low-sensory sessions are catered for too.

Event dates: 24th May - 15 June 2019

Event times: 6pm - 11pm 

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