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The Ternary - Now Open!

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The Ternary, the newest addition to Sydney’s dining scene, is an intimate, harmonious, cultured, open space embracing three pillars; Asian Kitchen, Grill Kitchen and the Charcuterie Wine Bar. The Ternary’s style of service is interactive and plates of food will be shared amongst family, friends and working colleagues.

Natural living is an inspiration to the unique spirit of the venue. The windows, lighting, views, sound, eclectic seating style and outdoor terrace play a key role in the ambiance of the space. We have an ability to intertwine cultures and variety to our visitors while showcasing an impressive diversity of interactive live cooking styles. 

Our objective is to celebrate fresh produce, capturing three senses; smell, taste and sight. There will be an emphasis on texture, balance, local produce and harmony of flavours and there will be food offerings for breakfast, lunch and dinner to cater for all guests.

The three pillars represent the idea of an inviting, comfortable, social atmosphere where not only great food and wine is shared, but also moments and memories. The physical area is open and welcoming and serves to highlight the cooking skills and creativity of the chef, bringing the three pillars together and encouraging our patrons to learn and engage.

The Ternary's website is currently under construction. In the meantime, to make a reservation, please call (02) 9934 0000 or email theternary.sydney@accor.com.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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